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Risk Assessment Builder

Create your comprehensive risk assessments using our Risk Assessment Builder.




  • Easy to Use
  • Legally Compliant
  • Save Time
  • View On Any Device
  • Informative

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    Comprehensive, complete, compliant

    Maintain a safe and healthy workplace with THSP’s Risk Assessment Builder. Created for high to medium risk industries, this programme walks you through the processes to create a task-based risk assessment. 

    Create cast iron risk assessments which populate control measures relevant to the hazards identified in the task. 

    Additional features include designated actions plans for staff at all levels, registers and more, all regularly reviewed to ensure full compliance with current legislation. 

    This management tool helps you and your team manage and control risks keeping your organisation compliant with your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act whilst maintaining a safe, productive and healthy workplace.

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    Ease of communication

    Communicate your control measures to relevant team members via email, and have your people sign the online register to acknowledge receipt.

    The full traceability makes it easy to see who created the risk assessment and who amendments are made by, ensuring your work is watertight so you cannot be held responsible for other people’s errors.

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    Save time

    As with any new software, getting started will take an amount of time.  However, once you have created your risk assessments it is simple to duplicate them, meaning you can quickly amend and reuse them for similar tasks.   

    The programme leads you through your task and prompts you to consider how the work will be carried out allowing changes to working practice to improve safety as you develop the assessment.  To create a full set of risk assessments from blank templates would take much longer and you will have a lot of duplication in the control measures. 

    This Risk Assessment Builder also makes creating your RAMS easier as you will have already fully planned the task at hand. 

    There are several Risk Assessment Builders on the market, but THSP’s RAB does exactly what it says on the tin: it builds your risk assessment as recommended by the HSE, to eliminate hazards, reduce likelihood, isolate people, apply control, choose PPE and be disciplined to ensure that all controls are monitored reviewed and enforced.  This ensures that you have fully measured the task at hand and assists with the creation of your RAMS documentation.