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Unlimited Assessments!

Create as many assessments as you need, and change your assessment as a task progresses. A risk assessment is a living document designed to make your workplace safer.

Tailored to your activity

The selection of control measures is intuitive around the activity you have chosen, allowing quicker production to save you time.

Personalised Reports

Include your company logo, location and site specific information to help your staff take ownership of their assessment.

Up to Date

The database is checked frequently and is always updated with the most recent legislative changes.

Intuitive Selections

This system will select hazards that apply to the type of work, then display control measures that you may need.

Gold Standard Control Measures

Control measures designed by highly experienced health and safety professionals, ensure they fully apply to the work being carried out.


If control measures need amending for your task, you can change them or add your own.

Responsive Design

Use the risk assessment builder on any device - phone, tablet or PC.

Access Control/User Management

Three user licence types allow you to control who has access at different levels to maintain integrity and security.

Risk Assessment Briefings

Send briefings to be digitally signed by people in the field to ensure all your team acknowledge updates.

Manual Handling TILE Assessment

A pictorial Task, Individual, Load and Environment Manual Handling assessment allows quick selection.

PPE Selector

Includes PPE types and specifications with pictorial information for quick selection.

Download or Email

Send your risk assessments via email or download a PDF.

Duplicate Assessments

When completing a similar task, duplicate an assessment and amend it for your new activity

Secure and Accountable

All assessments identify the name of the person logged on to amend them. Be secure in knowing that no-one can amend a document in your name.

No Paper Required

Help save the environment by reducing the amount of paper that you use.